Ferry Proxy #

Ferry is a Kubernetes multi-cluster communication component that eliminates communication differences between clusters as if they were in a single cluster, regardless of the network environment those clusters are in.

The main idea of Ferry is to map a Service from one cluster to another cluster, and applications in the other cluster just need to access the Service normally.

The Tunnel component of the Ferry project is mainly used to bridge the communication between different clusters and has no requirements on the network environment and network segment currently used by the cluster.

Ferry can simplify the architecture in cross cluster for metrics collection, request tracking reporting, log uploading, connecting to unreachable Apiserver, etc.

Public to Public #

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Public to Private #

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Private to Public #

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Private to Private #

Example #

Ferry defines a very simple API for configuring the rules for mapping Services between clusters

It is very simple to describe which services need to be exposed to other clusters

apiVersion: traffic.ferryproxy.io/v1alpha2
kind: RoutePolicy
  name: ferry-rule
  namespace: ferry-system
    - hubName: cluster-1
        namespace: default
        name: app-1
    - hubName: cluster-0
        namespace: default
        name: app-1

Why Ferry #

  • Avoid Cloud Lock-in
    • Open up inter-access between different clouds
    • Migration of Service to different clouds is seamless
  • Out of the Box
    • Command line tools are provided for easy installation and use
    • Centrally defined rules
  • No Intrusion
    • No dependency on Kubernetes version
    • No dependency on any CNI or network environment
    • No need to modify existing environment
  • Intranet Traversal
    • Only one public IP is required